The following are the tourist circuits you can choose from to go around and discover our province (click any to see details)

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1 Talampaya:

See Map Start from Chilecito at 7.00am, Miranda Hill/Cuesta de Miranda, TALAMPAYA NATIONAL PARK, you can choose: circuit 1 (TALAMPAYA CANYON) circuit 2 (LOS CAJONES) or circuit 1 and 3 (CAÑON DEL ARCOIRIS- OR CIUDAD PERDIDA)- back to Chilecito through Cuesta de Miranda. Arrival at 5pm- TALAMPAYA NATIONAL PARK is a natural reserve and one of the seven world heritage sites declared by UNESCO in Argentina. It is located in the west-center of the province of La Rioja. It was created in 1975 as a provincial park with the aim of protecting important archeological and paleontological fields from the area, and in 1997 started to belong to the National Parks administration. The park takes 215.000 hectares. Its beautiful landmark , the flora and wildlife are characteristical from the mountain bioma. This is the result of tectonic movements, apart from water erosion and desertic winds during million years with large temperature variations, intense day heat and low temperatures at night with heavy rainfalls in summer and fast winds in spring. The rate altitude of the place is about 1,300 mts above sea level and climate is continental. See Map

2 Talampaya and Moon Valley (Ischigualasto):

See Map Start from Chilecito at 7am- Miranda Hill, circuit 1 (TALAMPAYA CANYON) you can have lunch in Talampaya coffee house- the entrance to Moon Valley is from 2.00pm to 3.00pm back to Chilecito via Patquia- arrival 8.30pm See Map

3 Laguna Brava:

See Map Start at 7.00am. Miranda Hill, Villa Unión, Villa Castelli, Vinchina, Cuesta de la Troya , Jague, Cuesta del Peñon, Laguna Brava- El Golfito- pink flamingoes sightseeing (from September to April), there are also vicuñas and guanacos all year long. back along the same route, arrival at chilecito at 7.00pm In order to get to Laguna Brava it is required:

1) Ogygen tank 1 m3.
2) 2 tons sling.
3) 2 spare wheels- all wheels must be in optimum conditions.
4) First aid kit.
5) Shovel and pickaxe.
6) Emergency tools kit.
7) High vehicle 4x4.
8) Registration in La Rioja environmental secretary.
9) Registration in La Rioja transport secretary.
10) To possess a tourism  agency. *
Useful tips: Remember that we go up to 4.500mts over sea level. From the beginning of the mountain range walk slowly around the vehicle, do not get far from it, do not run, trot or eat during the trip up, just eat when coming down in the entrance of the mountain range at about 2.500mts. Do not bench and stand up abruptly. If you feel dizzy stay quiet, breathe deeply and sit down in the car, if it is necessary apply some oxygen and come back. It is important to consider the timetable. There is no need to hurry but it is better to return without many stops so as to arrive during the day. Consider that any problem with the vehicle such as a motor break or two punctures  become a major problem since there is no help in 80km. Besides, temperature at night in winter can get to 25º below zero- do not force yourself at high altitude- this is the way to enjoy from this beautiful and magnificent place nature offers us. Requirements are the same to take “LA MEJICANA MINE” excursion. See Map

4 La Mejicana Mine:

See Map Start at 8.30am. We go around Famatina City to Alto Carrizal, then Los Corrales, El Pesebre (Pollera de la Gitana or Cerro de 8 Colores), el Cañon de Ocre, Las Cuevas, La Encrucijada, Cuesta de la Vizcacha, Cuesta Amarilla, Cueva de Perez, Arrival at La Mejicana between 12pm or 1pm- back along the same route, arrival at Chilecito between 4.00pm to 6.00pm. See Map

5 Termas de Fiambalá:

See Map Star from Chilecito at 7.30am to Famatina, Angulo, Campanas, Santa Cruz, La Cuadra, Potrerillos, Tinogasta (Catamarca). Arrive at Fiambala at 10.30am. Hot spring baths all day long until 5.00pm. back along the same route. Arrival at 8.30pm. See Map

6 Cuesta de Miranda:

See Map We go up to Bordo Atravesado (2.020mts over sea level). Walk along inca road and back through Sañogasta town- duration: 4hs. See Map

7 City Tour:

See Map We visit Inca Calendar Clock in San Nicolas and its chapel- Los Sarmientos chapel, Malligasta, production route and its vineyards, Samay Huasi Museum, Cuesta de San Miguel, Cable Carril Museum. Finally if access road is open, we get to station nº 2 of Cable Carril . See Map

8 Coast of La Rioja:

See Map Chilecito, Famatina Angulo, Campanas (museum and the oldest chapel in La Rioja), Pituil, San Blas de los Sauces, Aimogasta, San Pedro (mill), visit to the town of Anillaco. Lunch in the hostelry of A.C.A. Señor de la Peña, Castro Barros Museum, Cuesta de Huaco up to Pampa de la Viuda to see a new road under construction which joins La Rioja with Chilecito - back via Patquia - 9 hours trip. See Map

9 Quebrada de los Cóndores:

See Map Start from Chilecito at 7.00am. Patquia, Punta de los Llanos, Tama, Pacatala, Santa Cruz de la Sierra. We take an hour horse ride from 2pm to 3pm- we see condors from very near since there is a natural condors nest in this place. Back to Chilecito at 9.00pm. See Map

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